Netsuke Hare 石川

A fine ivory netsuke of a hare.

With its broad chest and powerful body, facing aside with its ears folded over the neck and back. The elegant and strong expression of the figure shows in all detail the great craftmanship of the carver. The carver might have observed actual animals. The eyes are inlaid with polished horn.

Signed on the side 石川, Ishikawa.

Meiji period, ca. 1900.

In fine condition with a good patina, the ivory is lightly stained.

Height: 3,7 cm.

Legend says that the hare performs task of keeping the moon clean. The moon hare, a Japanese ‘man in the moon’, is said to live a long time and turn white with advanced age.

Concidered basically placid in temperament, people born in the year of the rabbit are easily thrown into a melancholy state. They are tactful and, though conservative in nature, make good gamblers because of their reliance on intuition.

€ 6.200,-