Scientific Compendium Cane

An extremely rare scientific compendium cane knob.

The brass knob consists a microscope (fleaglass), a telescope, a sundial and is topped with a facet cut rock-crystal lens. Every part can be screwed on top of each other to form the cane’s knob.

The sundial bears the signature:

B. Koops F (ecit) 1743

The piece is very well made and has beautiful open-work details as leaves, griffons and scrolls on the outside. All fits very well and it is imaginable that this was made for a nobleman with wide scientific interest.

Little is know about the maker. Looking at this piece, it is certain that is very well made, pointing out the details as the engravings and all moving parts, the maker had a lot of experience to work out the little. A solar microscope by B. Koops is in the collection of Museum Boerhaave, Leiden.

Total height: 53 mm; diameter 30 mm.