Setsubun Scrolls

Fantastic set of three Japanese calligraphy scrolls depicting the phrases:

Oni wa soto (Demons outside)

Fuku wa uchi (Good Luck inside)

The third scroll has a figure of a soybean throwing man (mamemaki).

The scrolls are all with an ivory roller end to hang the scrolls down. The set comes with its original storage box with paper label and collection number.

Signed Shōkwadō, ca. 1905.

Dimensions: 178 cm in length and 33 cm wide. Box: 35,5 cm x 18 cm x 6,5 cm.

In good condition.

€ 1.850,-


A great decorative set to celebrate Setsubun (the separating of the seasons), February 3rd in Japan. It is the day before the beginning of Japanese spring.