Sextant on tribach stand

An interesting and fine sextant on stand signed on the arc:

made by Heath & Co. Ld. London for

Hutchinson & Jackson  Sunderland

and numbered 3867

Brass blacked ladder frame with 8 inch scale with silver inset divided to 150 degrees. Braced index arm with hinged platform magnifier to vernier with screw clamp and sun shade. Treaded sighting tube port, seven shades, two mirrors. Beautifull ivory handle with hole to fix the instrument on the original pillar and tribach stand. The stand has two counter-weights which alllow the sextant to be adjusted to any position. The sextant aswell the stand can be stored in the original mahogany storage box, which also contains all related accessories like sighting tubes.

In good condition.

England, ca. 1870.