Telescope W. C. Olland Utrecht

A rare and sophisticated floorstanding refracting brass telescope outfit.

To be placed on the wooden tripod with two adjustments rods to move the scope regarding two brass scales. Rack and pinion focusing. Original dust cap.

For use in the tropics.

Complete with three different eyepieces, filter and original pine case to store the scope.


W. C. Olland Utrecht

The Olland firm was founded in 1853 in Utrecht. They were specialized in making scientific instruments like measuring devices, timekeepers and physical equipment. One of their most important clients was the Utrecht Observatory, the University and the Royal Meteorological Institute. They made very stringent instruments and provided fine instruments for use in the tropics. The firm was wellknown for their scales. Instruments other than scales and measuring devices are rarely found by this maker. After 1900 the firm was at their best. They bought patents for several machines, like coin wrapping machines, and the flourished enormous.

Ca. 1890


Diameter 7 cm, lenght tube with eyepiece 90 cm, height tripod 200 cm.



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