Egyptian Ibis Mummy

An interesting and fascinating Egyptian mummified Ibis in coffin shaped display case.


The mummy can be dated late period, 664 – 323 BC. The cabinet around 1890. An interesting old typed collection label on the side “Afdeeling 1  no 55”. It suggest that it once belonged in a larger collection.

A hand written label on the side and front of the coffin saying:


Mummie van een Ibis

Deze vogel de “heilige” Ibis

was bij de oude Egytenaren

gewijd aan hun god Thoth


In ancient Egypt the ibis was dedicated to the God of Wisdom, Thoth.

In good condition.

42,5 cm in lenght, 15,5 cm in width.

Egypt, late period, 664 – 323 BC


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