Cable Sample Case

A spendid collection of electrical power cable samples. The collection is housed in the original oak-wood showcase with beveled glass top and has a verre-églomisé plaque on the front saying:




The 67 different cables are divided in several sections. There are five brass hand-engraved plaques:

  • Wachs-Luster Dynamodräte
  • Glühlichtschnüre
  • Isolationen für trockene Räume
  • Isolationen für feuchte Räume
  • Bleidräte & Kabel

The smaller cables would be for domestic use, the larger ones for industrial use. The section beneath with very large cable samples would be for high-voltage transmission. The cross section with copper wire surrounded by gutta percha insulation, can be seen through the strategical placed mirror.


The company was founded by Otto Bondy in 1882 in Bratislava and moved his succesfull company to Vienna around 1906. This showcase can be dated around that period.


Dimensions: 53 cm wide, 43,5 cm deep and 11,5 cm high.

In very good condition.


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