Apprentice piece Spiral Staircase

A truly amazing apprentice piece.

This well proportioned and elegant architectural model of a spiral staircase is made of teak wood and has thirty steps. On the outside paneling underneath the bannister. On the inside eleven simple balusters to support the bannister. At the beginning and end of the staircase a pole with turned knobs. Placed on a square base with parquetery inlay done with oak and rosewood.

An authentic apprentice masterpiece, a proof of capability. Underneath the base a paper label with in brown ink the apprentice name, P. Blok. This artisan must have passed the exam easely according to the perfect proportions and off course traditional methods he used to make this model. In one word a masterpiece!

Dimensions: 76 cm high

Square base: 27 x 27 cm

Diameter: 29 cm

Holland, ca. 1875.

Maker: P. Blok.


Note: for simular models please see Christie’s Paris Catalogue ‘Interiors’ 21st of February 2017. From lot nr. 121 the Klinger collection was sold with interesting results.

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