Wimshurst Machine

A good Wimshurst electrostatic induction generator.

Two contra rotating ebonite plates each with the original strips of tinfoil. Two conductor bars at the front and back have small metal brushes at the ends that touch the strips as they move around. At each side are collecting combs attached to the glass Leyden jars and discharging electrodes.Witch cast iron lacquered end-supports.

The machine is placed on a wooden base and was sold by


Merkelbach & Co.

Fabriek en Magazijn van

Natuurkundige Instrumenten

Kalverstraat 30  Amsterdam

The machine is in very good and working condition. It comes with the original wooden ( transport ) box wich has a leather carrying strap and lift-off lid. The machine slides perfectly in the felt lined box.

Dimensions Machine:

Height: 36 cm  –  Width: 32 cm  –  Depth: 17 cm  –  Plate diameter: 26 cm


Dimensions Box:

Height: 41 cm  –  Width: 38 cm  –  Depth: 20,5 cm


Made circa 1910, Germany.


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