Dumpy Level Casartelli

Brass dumpy level with pin and rack mechanism, two spirit levels to adjust. Can be placed on tripod. This surveying instrument is complete with its original mahogany box with paper trade label of Joseph Casartelli.

At the age of 11, Guiseppe Luigi Casartelli emigrated from Italy to Liverpool, England, joining a relative’s barometer and thermometer-making business. Upon arrival, he anglicized his name to Joseph Louis Casartelli. He later moved to Manchester and established himself as an innovative producer of mechanical and optical equipment. Around 1850, Casartelli expanded his products to include microscopes, telescopes, cameras and other optical devices. By the 1870s-80s, his products were primarily focused on supplying the heavy industries of Manchester, such as valves and other fittings for steam engines, mining equipment, and magnifiers for quality control in the fabric-making mills.

England, ca. 1880.

In good condition.


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