Diptych sundial David Beringer

A good wooden and paper diptych sundial.

Signed on the compass face:

‘Verfertigt von David Beringer’.

The dial is surrounded by a decorative border with a floral pattern. A string gnomon, adjustable for latitudes of 38°-55°. There is a table of latitudes listing towns in Europe and the USA. The compass is marked with eight points in German. The compass rose is coloured pink for cardinal points and yellow and green for quadrantal points. It has a blued needle in the form of an arrow, surmounted by a brass pyramidal pivot. The glass plate is held in place by a copper ring. The leaves have a copper hook fastener and a copper hook to hold them open.

David Beringer was born on 12 January 1756 in Nuremberg. Admitted as a master of his craft in 1777. He died on 28 October 1821 a the result of an accident.

In fine condition, some discoloration on the latitude table but overall very bright colours.

Germany, circa 1790


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